SP electronics was established in 2002 aiming to transform the passion in Motorsport of the founding partners Simone Picco and Denis Sperotto, into a business activity. A technical company from the very first beginning and still like that, its mission is the production of electronic and mechanical devices, as quick shifters and indication devices, capable of giving to the end user an advantageous compromise between quality and price, matched with full assistance for any kind of problem and/or information requests, as well as technical suggestions and transparency as concerns pros and cons on all our products according to the actual application of the end user. In these years we have thought, prototyped, realized, set-up, industrialized and sold in a worldwide diffusion each one of the items in our catalogue. Each item has been monitored for installation on most of the motorbikes on the market, creating an internal database which is the basis of our know-how about mechanical and electronic features of most of the motorbikes present on the market since 1993 to nowadays. We are then ready to develop accessory systems which can fit to a specific model, to one brand or to most of the vehicles making part of the destination market, starting from the original idea up to the industrialization of the product. The acquired skills also on the race event, enabled us to work as consultants for data acquisition and for vehicle dynamics control.

SP Electronics di Picco Simone

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  • Address: Via Micheloni 17, 36030 Fara Vicentino (VI) Italy
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