Our products have earned a solid reputation for reliability over time. So much that they are now used by prestigious teams in various championships at international level.

Twenty years’ experience on the competition fields now enables us to offer a versatile, reliable product that can fully meet application requirements, even in the most complex contexts.

Here you will find some of Sp Electronics’ most prestigious references:


OHVALE is a well-known manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles with a sporty DNA.

Motorbikes that unleash emotions, that offer the fun of a real motorbike, riding with ease, daring as only professional riders can afford.

Motorbikes with accessible ergonomics, easy and playful, they allow extreme riding, like real racing motorbikes, while drastically reducing costs and all the inconveniences associated with track trips.

Find out more on the Ovhale Homepage

SP Electronics, since 2021 is Supplier of quick shifters and accessories for all Ovhale production models

VR46 Academy

VR46 Academy was founded in 2013, with the aim of training young and new talents to compete in MotoGP, gaining first experience in the minor classes.

The project was set up by Valentino Rossi and a few others, including Alessio ‘Uccio’ Salucci and Alberto Tebaldi, also the creator of the Sky Racing Team VR46 team. The venue is Rossi’s Ranch, on the outskirts of Tavullia.

SP Electronics has been the supplier of the quick shifters for the bikes used in the RANCH since 2015.


KTM MTR was founded in 2005 (European champions in their first year) by two motorbike-loving friends: Mollo Franco, owner of the MOTORACING workshop in Valdagno, and vice president Brunello Stefano, the team’s marketing manager.

After years of experience in cross and speed, thanks to this young and new discipline known as SUPERMOTARD, the desire and awareness to become part of this world was born.

Today the KTM MTR Team is also involved, among others, in the Supermoto World Championship, with excellent results.

SP Electronics has been equipping the bikes of KTM MTR Team since 2005.



National team supported by Yamaha Motor Europe branch Italy. Founded in 2013 with the “youth project” of AG Motorsport Italia. For several years now, AG Motorsport Italia has been in charge of Yamaha’s sports projects dedicated to young people who love speed.

AG Motorsport italia is a very important element of the Yamaha team, the first supporter of the bLU cRU project. AG Motorsport participates in several championships, including SS300 World Championship, SS600 and Yamaha R3 Cup

SP Electronics has been equipping AG Motorsport Italia’s bikes since 2019.

FRT racing2

FRT Racing was born in 2007 on the Motocross tracks of Emilia Romagna. Over the years, the idea turned into a real team: in 2010 FRT entered the world of Supermoto.

Since then, FRT has competed in Regional Championship, Italian Championship, up to some World Championship, European Championship and Supermoto of Nations races.

SP Electronics has been equipping FRT Racing2 bikes since 2013.


Aviorace was founded in 2004 with the aim of being the first true distributor of electronic components dedicated exclusively to Motorsport.

After years of commercial growth, resource development and acquisitions, today Aviorace is able to provide complete design, manufacturing and technical assistance packages for any vehicle destined for racing or small road series.

The recent push towards technology transfer has opened the door to new and different sectors, from industrial to rail. The customer base of Aviorace, Aviorace USA, and distributors in the Far East and Oceania provides significant global coverage.

Aviorace, in addition to being our technology partner, since 2021 has been the official distributor of SP Electronics products for the American market


Athena, founded in 1973 as a small artisan enterprise, is today an international company, which manufactures and distributes products worldwide and can boast a global annual turnover of more than 146.8 million euros.

Our business, which began in the industrial gasket sector, has evolved over the years to make us a reference brand in the motorbike, car and ship spare parts sector, including items destined for competition.

Athena Group has been using Sp electronics products since 2009

SMW Racing

Born out of the passion for racing of its owners, who were already entrepreneurs in other sectors, it is today one of the best structures on the World Superbike stage. SMW Racing takes care of every aspect of communication, from purely sporting communication to social media, print media and dedicated events both at the track and in dedicated locations, for sponsors or their customers. A specific communication and image plan is studied for every single client, according to the needs of the individual company, thus building a customised and successful image and project.

A reference reality, which has its strength in dynamism and originality, thanks to the experience gained by its Management first as entrepreneurs and now as Managers/entrepreneurs, making this Team a compulsory point to enter as protagonists in the difficult market.

SP Electronics has been equipping SMW Racing’s motorbikes since 2021