For years exploited in the world of racing, where every small improvement in lap time can make a difference, the quick shifter is now fitted as standard on a number of mid-to-high-end sports bikes.

The quick shifter intervenes when the rider operates the shift lever to increase the gear; the micro-switch installed on the control sends a signal to the bike’s control unit, which intervenes by removing power for a fraction of a second (thus cutting engine power).

This very rapid intervention only takes place for the time needed to engage the gear (with approximate times of a tenth of a second on road bikes, thousandths on track bikes).

Main advantages of the SP Electronics quick shifter in sports use:

  • Faster gear engagement compared to conventional gear shifting.
  • Limitation of pitching movement when shifting under acceleration.
  • Improved traction due to less load transfer in gear changes.
  • Possibility for the driver to maintain physical strength on the vehicle and greater concentration when driving.
  • Limitation of tyre wear… which is always good for racing!

Not forgetting… the pleasure of smoother and more enjoyable road driving!

And here are some ‘DISADVANTAGES’:

  •  Increased weight of the vehicle (albeit minimal, we’re talking about 300 g!).
  • Addictive! … (it happens that… everyone complains… driving vehicles without a quick shifter!)

All SP Electronics kits come with dedicated wiring harnesses and control units, for every type of vehicle on the market

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