The Quality of our products has been a continuous search for selected components, solutions and suppliers with the firm belief that the quality of a product is what sets us apart because providing a quality product is what we most desire for our customers.

Since our first years of activity, back in the year 2000, our first experiences have been in the Motorsport Car Racing sector with numerous collaborations with companies such as Lorenzo Wohlgemuth’s PowerOn, JAS Motorsport, Pagani to name a few where quality was a fundamental requirement for performance.

These experiences also allowed us to learn the construction characteristics of the major manufacturers of electronic devices such as Bosch and Marelli.

Orientated therefore to using only construction components suitable for extreme applications, we had to select suppliers capable of satisfying these characteristics with commitment and passion, even training those who for years had been oriented towards making generic series products.

All our products require mechanical, electronic and wiring components.

All our products are internally tested in several steps, from individual parts made to our specifications, through intermediate assembly stages, to final functional tests before being put on the shelf ready for delivery to the end customer.

All our devices are conceived entirely by us, from the idea on a blank sheet of paper to putting it on the market, we are quality designers and builders.

It is hard work that has been going on for twenty years that we do not want to give up:
offering quality products is one of our missions!