How it works

How it works

CGS, the acronym for Clutchless Gear System, nowadays more commonly known as Quick Shifter or Electronic Shifter is a device that allows you to shift up without closing the throttle and without using the clutch.

A Sp Electronics quick shifters consists of:

  • 1 electronic Control Unit that manages engine shutdown for a few thousandths of a second (by removing the engine torque, it allows the gear engagement)
  • 1 electro-mechanical sensor that is installed in the quick shifter drive system, typically on the “gear selector” return tie rod, or directly on the “gear selector” lever (Off Road and Supermotard applications)
  • 1 Plug&Play connection harness between the CGS device and the motorcycle electrical harness, built-in with materials and connectors for Motorsport applications.

The special features of our device, in addition to its simplicity of installation and configuration, are the adaptation of the Cut-Off time according to the engine load, by means of a real-time reading of the accelerator position and engine rpm. It therefore allows smooth and precise shifting at any rpm and in any gear engaged.

Main features:

  • Easy installation thanks to Plug&Play solutions for every motorbike model.
  • Easy manual configuration using rotary selectors: no external device such as PC or Smartphone is required.
  • High intensity signaling LEDs.
  • Auto-recognition 0-100% throttle position sensor (TPS).
  • Automatic quick shifter activation threshold (TPS greater than 5%).
  • Anodized Aluminum housing, resistant to water (NOT immersion) and vibrations.
  • Wiring resistant to engine temperature, oil and hydrocarbons.

Waterproof connectors, resistant to water (NOT immersion) and vibration.

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