EQS – Carburator Engine – CDI ignition

EQS for CDI Ignition on Carburetor Engines 2 T/4 T - 1/2 Cylinder

EQS (Easy Quick Shifter) is an electronic device that allows, in the fast sporting use of the vehicle, to engage the upper gear without closing the gas and without using the clutch. It also DOES NOT require any external power supply thanks to a Batteryless Hardware solution that can be applied to all single-cylinder Carburetor engines with Capacitive Discharge (CDI) ignition. The configuration is manual by microswitch selectors, therefore no external device such as PC or SmartPhone is required. The control unit is water-resistant ABS plastic (NOT FOR IMMERSION) and vibrations thanks to the full inside resin coating of the electronic board . Harness and connectors are designed for Motorsport applications, thus making the device resistant to engine temperatures, oil and hydrocarbons as well as water spray even under pressure.

It is possible to configure the only Cut-Off time from 30 to 60 milliseconds with an accuracy of 3 milliseconds through 10 microswitches selectors.

The kit consists of a single electronic control unit (eBox EQS), an electromechanical sensor to be applied directly on the gear lever and a Plug & Play wiring connecting to the ORIGINAL electrical system of the vehicle.

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