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If correctly programmed, the quick shifter doesn't cause any damage to the transmission components.

Only the cut-off time needs to be programmed: this is the time interval when the engine is turned off, that the quick shifter uses to free the gearbox gears from the driving torque and allow the insertion of the higher gear.

Like any programmable device, however, if it is not programmed correctly it can generate problems: as happens, for example, with injection programmed to the wrong values.

If the engine cut-off times you use are too short, the gearbox suffers mechanical stresses due to the restoration of power before the gear is correctly engaged, which is why it is always suggested to start programming the quick shifter from very high cut-off times and then go down to the optimum value.

NO. Never.

This is due to the fact that during the intervention phase of the quick shifter, the engine is switched off for a few thousandths of a second (the cut-off time) and no combustion process takes place in it because of the lack of spark or injection. In this way the engine only loses power for the fraction of time it takes to shift up a gear.


Assisted downshifting (Blipper function) is a device that is not part of our sporting DNA as it is not a performance product and, in our opinion, loses the pleasure of having full control of the vehicle. It should also be borne in mind that a true Blipper, in order to work properly, needs sophisticated operating algorithms and a lot of real-time information on the operating dynamics of the engine and the vehicle. For an aftermarket product, this requires a level of complexity in terms of set-up and application that would far exceed the costs/manufacturing... which is why they only work on motorbikes that come standard with assisted downshifting systems, even though they take away, in our opinion, all the fun of riding a motorbike!


All our Quick Shifter Kits are born with Plug&Play solutions, i.e. with connections to the ignition coils or injectors, depending on the availability of specific connectors on the market.


As long as the motorbike is equipped with a transmission rod where the gear shift detection sensor is applied, or equipped with a lever installed directly on the gear shaft (such as Supermoto/Offroad/PitBike applications and specific applications for Ducati SBK, Aprilia RSV and MV Agusta models).


Carburetor engines are generally without a battery where to find a power supply for the device, therefore we have developed a device that connected directly to the ignition coil creates, through a sophisticated dedicated hardware, a power supply necessary for the operation of the device itself.

The Cut-Off is a time interval in which the engine is switched off, so that no torque (and power) is generated. During this time, the transmission and its mechanisms are free from the action of forces and therefore free to move, thus allowing the engagement of the higher gear.

The purpose of adjusting the Cut-Off is to limit the stress on the transmission components (Cut-Off too short) and to limit the time during which the motor remains off without generating useful power (Cut-Off too long).

CUT-OFF TIME TOO LONG : when using the motorbike, insertion of the top gear will be accompanied by a power vacuum, whether long or short, similar to a lack of current to the spark plugs or a lack of fuel supply. The cut-off must be reduced. IT NEVER GENERATES MECHANICAL PROBLEMS.

CUT-OFF TIME TOO SHORT : When using the motorbike, the insertion of a higher gear will be accompanied by an impulsive metallic noise, assimilated to a strong blow to the transmission components, the result of the engine regaining power before the next gear is completely and perfectly inserted. The Cut-Off must be increased in order to avoid damaging the transmission.


All our sensors can be connected to other aftermarket electronics by means of dedicated Plug&Play solutions. Here you can find the various dedicated applications: https://spelectronics.it/en/motorbike/sen-motorbike/

Inside each product kit, you will find a sheet with a QR code that allows you to access a dedicated section on our website where you can view and/or download the relevant installation manual.