Optional (motorbike)

Motorbike Optional

SP electronics offers a selection of Motorbike Accessories: from handlebar ON/OFF switches with a support to exclude the Electronic Gearbox to waterproof handlebar buttons with a support to activate the RACELIGHTS functions.

  • Adjustable Gear Shift Rod

    Adjustable gear shift rod in aluminum anodized for fitting our quick shifter sensors. Based on the length of your original shift rod, choose the length range that’s right for you….

    30,00 + IVA (VAT)
  • Handlebar ON/OFF Switch for Quick Shifter activation

    Waterproof ON / OFF handlebar switch for Quick Shifter activation. It can be used both on our CGS4 Kits and on EQS Kits.

    40,00 + IVA (VAT)
  • Handlebar Switch for RACELIGHTS device

    Waterproof button with handlebar support for RACELIGHTS device function activation.

    40,00 + IVA (VAT)
  • Double Switch Module

    Electronic device that allows you to install any Aftermarket brake lever, such as the most popular Brembo devices, on motorbikes with an original double switch brake lever (STOP LIGHT and…

    99,00 + IVA (VAT)
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