SP Original Products

SP Original Products

At SP Electronics we think, design and manufacture high quality devices for Motorsport.

Motorsport has always been our greatest passion; and it is to our greatest passion that we have dedicated our company mission: to offer products capable of delivering pure emotions, the goal of any speed enthusiast and professional.

We want to offer everyone the chance to experience them first hand, those emotions.

Emotions usually reserved for sports vehicles, born for the track.

The sound of an engine shifting gears at full throttle is, for us, a unique emotion.

To have succeeded in these 20 years in transmitting it to our customers, who confirm its effectiveness (… and also the ‘addiction’ it creates) is for us the most important achievement.

In these 20 years we have worked closely with the world of competition, developing the reliability of our products under the most stressful conditions.

We can now boast the use of our devices in some of the world’s biggest championships, including SBK SuperSport and Supermoto.

The SP Electronics quick shifter is the only one on the market today that is used on Supermoto type vehicles; thanks to a long development process in close contact with some of the most prestigious international teams.

We can also boast of having been pioneers in the industry; several companies over the years have tried to imitate our products, but without reaching our quality and technological standards.

Choosing original SP Electronics products, means choosing products that accept no compromise in terms of quality.

Conceived and designed for motorsport professionals.