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Workshop - Device SPM-1

Sp Electronics Workshops Innovations was created in order to offer a new range of innovative products and services, which were designed and built for a better management of vehicle maintenance activities.

This new range of devices are designed for workshops and for those who, as us, turned their passion into a job; it’s also designed for fonds and professionals in the motorsport industry, who want to enforce and improve the management of their vehicles.

They are unique products, designed to keep the vehicles’ efficiency on top while easily and carefully monitoring their activity. So, they will avoid failures and damages due to low control on scheduled (or not) maintenance.

The first product of this new range, SPM-1 is fully concerned with predictive maintenance. It allows us to know the history of every single part of the vehicle and also there’s the possibility of setting customized warnings.

For instance, thanks to  SPM-1, second hand vehicles will have more added value in trading. Traditional runleaders will be outdated.

Soon, Sp Electronics Workshops Innovations range will be integrated with more solutions. These ones will support SPM-1 to offer tools and solutions for harness and connections, with the purpose to offer more efficiency for modern workshops in the automotive and motorsport industry.

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  • SPM-1

    SPM-1 is a small device based on GPS and WIFI technology that allows, via PC, the monitoring of any type of vehicle, based on hours or distance travelled (km or…

    349,00 + IVA (VAT)
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