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When we started designing the first quick shifters, back in 2002, the market already offered some systems, but very expensive and limited to a few applications, exclusively designed for competition bikes.

We had a different vision, we wanted to create a product for everyone, capable of giving sporty riding sensations, with concrete performance advantages.

A simple, reliable, high-performance product at an affordable cost.

For over 20 years, thanks to the constant and methodical evolution of the product, in the necessary adaptations to the electronic and mechanical evolution of motorbikes, we have been working first of all on reliability, without accepting any compromise on the quality of the components.

A challenging and exciting path, undertaken by collaborating with prestigious teams and companies of reference in the sector, listening to the needs of those who are professional riders.

Born out of the need to make gear changes faster on the circuit, allowing the driver greater concentration, our quick shifter transmits sporty driving emotions, as well as a typical ‘sound’, capable of further enhancing the emotional result.

Emotions that, until a few years ago, were reserved exclusively for the circuit for professional drivers, are now within everyone’s reach.

The quick shifter, which is also increasingly popular and used on road vehicles, also offers smoother and less demanding driving.