How can I understand if the Quick Shifter is correctly calibrated?

The Cut-Off is a time interval in which the engine is switched off, so that no torque (and power) is generated. During this time, the transmission and its mechanisms are free from the action of forces and therefore free to move, thus allowing the engagement of the higher gear.

The purpose of adjusting the Cut-Off is to limit the stress on the transmission components (Cut-Off too short) and to limit the time during which the motor remains off without generating useful power (Cut-Off too long).

CUT-OFF TIME TOO LONG : when using the motorbike, insertion of the top gear will be accompanied by a power vacuum, whether long or short, similar to a lack of current to the spark plugs or a lack of fuel supply. The cut-off must be reduced. IT NEVER GENERATES MECHANICAL PROBLEMS.

CUT-OFF TIME TOO SHORT : When using the motorbike, the insertion of a higher gear will be accompanied by an impulsive metallic noise, assimilated to a strong blow to the transmission components, the result of the engine regaining power before the next gear is completely and perfectly inserted. The Cut-Off must be increased in order to avoid damaging the transmission.